Welcome to the newly re-built Calculus In Motion website. 
If you see something awry, please send an email to amweeks@aol.com.

Two Sets Available:

249 animations of nearly every concept in a first year calculus course including animations of the 2018-1997 AP Exam AB & BC Free Response Questions
The basic license is for 1 computer.   (extended school-based licenses available – see order form)

224 animations of key topics in:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus … all in one set!
The basic license is for 4 computers at one school.   (extended school-based licenses available – see order form)

Visit the “Calculus In Motion” or “Algebra In Motion” links above for stills of every animation,
OR visit the “Videos” link for quick peeks at a few of the animations in action.

REQUIREMENTS:   These animations are data files written in “The Geometer’s Sketchpad” (available from McGraw-Hill Education), so Sketchpad must reside on your computer for the animations to run.  All Calculus In Motion and Algebra In Motion animation files run on BOTH Sketchpad v4 AND v5 (both Windows AND Macintosh platforms).  Since the Calculus In Motion and Algebra In Motion animations themselves are data files, there is no “.exe” file to install and therefore there are no further requirements.  Experience with “The Geometer’s sketchpad” also is not necessary to run the animations, so there is no learning curve to climb.  The animations can be run successfully simply using the on-screen information, however, there also is a detailed PDF instruction manual included with each library of animations for those who wish to use it.

REQUESTS?   If you would like to request any specific idea to be animated, contact Audrey at amweeks@aol.com.

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