“Calculus In Motion creates classroom situations like ‘Helen Keller at the well’ – it gets kids to see things they didn’t see before.”

– Steve Willott
National Board Certified Math Teacher & Presidential Awardee
Francis Howell HS, St. Charles, MO


“Thanks!  Your animations (Calculus In Motion & Algebra In Motion) are the best resources ever created to demonstrate math concepts – no one has ever produced animations of such rare quality and comprehensiveness!”

– Jim Moor
Gordon Tech HS, Chicago, IL


“I can’t begin to say how good it is .. My students are absolutely mesmerized.  They love it .. I love it .. It is well worth the price!!”
– Carol Hart
St. John’s Country Day School, Orange Park, FL


“This program saved my life as a calculus instructor.  7 years later, I still use it every day.  Thank you for your brilliant tool for making calculus concepts clear to my students.  For the last 4 years, all of my students have earned 5’s on the AP test and I always thank you for providing me with the best resource I have!”.
– Elizabeth Amirkhan
Analy High School, Sebastopol, CA


“Don’t worry if you have never used Sketchpad before.  All you need to do is have it loaded on your computer, and Calculus In Motion takes over from there .. I really like this software, and I recommend it highly for all calculus teachers .. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animation from Calculus In Motion must be worth ten thousand!”
– Martha Montgomery
Reviewer for College Board’s AP Central
Fremont Ross HS, Freemont, OH


“Thanks for everything you and your program do for my students’ success!!  I had a 95% pass rate (3 or better) for my students in my first year teaching AP Calculus this past school year.  I attribute MUCH of that to being able to give them the visual representations of many of the topics covered on the test through your great program and sketches!  Thanks again, more than you can ever know, for helping me to survive and present the material in an understandable way!”
– Jay K Jones
Veterans HS, Kathleen, GA


“A great program .. Most creative and informative .. This software has been a time saver and has enhanced student understanding .. An exceptional learning tool.”
– Roger Cappucci
Scarsdale HS, Scarsdale, NY


“Fantastic supplement for AB/BC .. The students find the visual representations extremely helpful and it saves me lots of time .. I’ve been teaching AP Calculus for over 20 years and this product is my favorite supplement for my AP classes.  It is thoughtful, creative, and flexible .. A true bargain for the price”
– Annabelle Treacy
Flintridge Prep, La Canada, CA


“The color, visualization, and motion will get your students’ attention.  As these animations move and change, they will deepen your students’ understanding.”

– Lin McMullin
Reviewer for College Board’s AP Central
Richardson, TX


“Rich and clever .. I recommend it without reservation.”
– Dick Sisley
Loudoun Academy of Science, Sterling, VA


“Over the 34 years I have been teaching, I have spent a significant amount of my own money on materials that I thought might enhance student comprehension.  I recently purchased Algebra In Motion and Calculus In Motion.  What fantastic software!!  It is by far one of, if not the best ways I have ever spent my money.  I commend you and thank you.”
– Lucinda Bentley
Wayland-Cohocton HS, Wayland, NY


“This is the best product I have ever used.  I have taken classes in the past where I received instruction on how to create dynamic sketches using Cabri Geometry on a TI-92+, but I never had the time or the expertise to create these sketches on my own.  I have been waiting for someone like yourself to come along so my students could take advantage of the power of dynamic math sketches.  I used your product all last week and kids who have been sleeping through my class all year (particularly those who have failed numerous times) suddenly sat up and took notice.  Students who have never understood slope or vertical shifts suddenly had a quite clear idea of the meaning behind these two concepts.  It was also amazing to be able to talk about the topics of absolute value, maximum and minimum values and quadratic models all in the same sketch.  Anyway, thank you for helping to make this end of the year my best ever and providing me with a great deal of optimism regarding my pedagogy in the future.”
– John Finnegan
Waukegan HS, Waukegan, IL


“Thank you for this wonderful software. It helps the students visualize difficult problems in a way that could not be accurately explained before.”
– Michael Stone
East Hamilton Middle HS, Ooltewah, TN

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