All  Calculus In Motion  and  Algebra In Motion  files continue to run on BOTH Sketchpad v4 AND v5 (both Windows AND Macintosh).

HOW TO GET UPDATES:  The June 2018 Calculus In Motion expansion is free to those who purchased Calculus In Motion since June 2016.  The June 2016 Algebra In Motion expansion is free to those who purchased Algebra In Motion since April 2010.  To request your free update, send an email with your CD’s 5-digit serial number (written on the CD’s front label) along with your name and school to and they will be attached back to you.  Because you will be sent the ENTIRE revised collection in a compressed folder, a non-school email address is best (most school servers will block this transmission).  For older collections, click here to order additional extensions to your update period (consecutive from last expiration date).  If you have any questions, email them to

CALCULUS IN MOTION UPDATES were released June 2018, June 2017 June 2016, June 2015, etc – every June since 2000.
The latest expansionJune 2018, included animations to the 2018 AP Calculus AB & BC exam FRs (see video on home page); additional cross-referencing; and the revised Instruction Manual (PDF), expanded to include these additions, with its FR cross-reference chart revised as well.

ALGEBRA IN MOTION UPDATES were released June 2016 (Geometry added), Nov 2012, Apr 2010, Feb+Mar 2008, Mar 2007, Mar 2005, Mar 2004.
The latest expansionJune 2016, added 45 new animations, most of which cover Geometry – all types of angles, transversals, triangles (all types, centers, proofs), circles (angles, arcs, chords), quadrilaterals, polygons, solids, areas, surface areas, volumes, lots of theorems, and more!  (see videos on home pagePLUS, for algebra, new animations address piecewise-defined functions with pre-set examples as well as a fully customizable page.

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